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English RPG-Session: Ozro RPG

29. November, 2023 @ 8:00 17:00

2 available

A Hooded Figure you met in a dark corner of a Tavern has asked for your escort his Associate to a village called Zieldorf am See. It is only a few days journey, a week at most, but at this time of the year the roads are dangerous; covered in fog, slippery with rain, and swarming with bandits who want to steal as much as they can before the winter. When the Associate goes to get himself a drink, the Hooded Figure leans in and in a hushed voice informs you that „I do not care about his survival. Henchmen and apprentices are disposable. It is absolutely crucial, however, that you deliver the Macguffin, which my Associate will be carrying, to the Boatman in Zieldorf. The Boatman receives the Macguffin – you get paid. That is the deal.“

On the 29th of november you have the option for a english roleplaying session to try out the in developement new system Ozro RPG.

The system is crunchy and tactile – players who enjoy rolling big dice pools and counting successes will definitely be satisfied. Emphasis is put on combat, which is quick, brutal, and may require a tactical approach. Players have a degree of control over the probability of success with archetype pools – extra dice that can be used on rolls belonging to the domain of their character’s Archetype (Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Cultist).

You don’t need any preparations or knowledge, just register for the session at an be in the club rooms on time from 18:00 to 22:00.

If you want to look into the rule system you can download the actual version here:

If you want to build your character yourself you have the option to do that on the 15th of november. Please add that when you send your mail. Else you will choose from some prebuilt characters.